Erik Chan
Erik Chan

              Name: Erik Chan
              Title: Information Professional
              Education: MLIS, BFA
              Location: Toronto, Ontario


For as long as he can remember, Erik has always been passionate about organizing things (intellectually and physically), be they his toys in their bins as a kid (with a spotless room since age 12), his own vast book, music, video, and image collections, or his entire apartment for moving in Tetris-style-packed and meticulously labeled boxes.

In 2008, he serendipitously fell into a self-guided library clerk position with the Winnipeg School Division, tasked with the transition of an entire high school library collection's cataloguing and circulation from card catalogue to electronic system. Realizing his ardor for information and resource organization, he plotted a path toward obtaining a master's degree in Library and Information Science, while advancing his experience through a host of additional library clerk positions until 2010.

Along the way he also designed and developed a freely accessible online archival project that digitizes and maintains the entire video history of the sport with which he has been fanatically involved since 1999. Pouring hundreds of hours into the endeavour, he found himself so impassioned with the process that he often forgot to eat and sleep for prolonged periods -- his enthusiasm for information organization cannot be overstated!

Erik is a technologically adroit and creatively efficient information manager with a zeal for resource organization. He is skilled in cataloguing, reference, collections development, digitization, archival preservation, web development, and graphic design. He has worked in assisting patrons in person and via a host of technological platforms. He believes in developing and promoting the most efficient and accessible information retrieval for all.