Erik Chan

Erik has been practicing the sport of freestyle footbag for over 14 years and in that time he has taught a number of new players in person and online, one-on-one and in public demonstration and workshop settings.

Although casually kicking a crocheted footbag since 1994, he did not discover freestyle until 1999, upon witnessing the talent of footbag pioneer Chad Devlahovich in the major motion picture, She's All That, shortly followed by visiting Chicago, the city of 1999 world champion Scott Davidson. Immediately after seeing the film, he rushed home to search the internet for "hacky sack," discovering the home of the International Footbag Players' Association (IFPA), Footbag Worldwide, and absorbing all of the content and knowledge that it had to offer. Thus he seeks to teach and spread footbag awareness and knowledge via the internet, just as he learned.

Footbag is his passion.

Website: Footbag Foundations


an incomparable satisfaction befalls, is procured, in the moment,
certainly incomprehensible, the corporeal is driven past the limits
of prehensive vigor. a swell so coarse sentiment is repealed.
'explicitly,' suggests an impression, 'such occurances are true of all practices'.
solitarily when passion is fueled, invoked, immeasurably.
from the focus of being. nay. it is incongruous with all else.
it is indifferentiate. nothing exists in similarity.
uniting peoples integrally.
pacifying pain.
inspiring stamina.
inspiring introspection.
                    and innovation.
                              pushing boundaries.
                                                  and further.

in insufferable circumstances, a yearning to impel ascends.
to beat. to tear. to shred. to actuate the body when the body insists incapability.
how the mind persues. in the foulest of occasion, when the body seems to fail,
it mocks the machine, labouring as never prior.

physically incapacitated, thought endures the obsession.
reiterating and contriving and contemplating.
and mindfully exceeding ordinance of spirit. oppressing law.
constituting reality. fusing thought with action. and action with thought.
limits to our achievements do not exist. 'practice makes perfect'.
and 'the will shall bend the steel'.

June 29, 2002